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Full of Plants was created in 2016 and has now become a trusted resource for plant-based recipes.

Through this blog, we want to show people how they can eat a variety of dishes, desserts, and snacks using only plant-based ingredients. Let’s stop the myth that vegans only eat salad and carrots!

We welcome all-eaters.

Whether you have been vegetarian/vegan for years or you are just trying to eat healthier and reduce your meat consumption, there is a recipe for everyone. This is what you will find on Full of Plants:

  • Vegan, plant-based recipes: We only share vegan recipes. No egg, meat, or dairy here, but a lot of flavors!
  • Classic as well as more innovative recipes: From simple oatmeal to cultured vegan cheesesmiso, and fermented tofu, you will surely find fun projects to try!
  • A mix of Western and Asian-inspired dishes: As huge fans of Asian cuisine, we try to share authentic recipes from all over the world.


About Thomas

Hi, I’m Thomas! I’m the Founder of Full of Plants. I started this blog as my personal cookbook for vegan recipes. I wanted a place where I could save and organize my recipes while still being able to share them with people.

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About Vân

Vân, my wife, is working full-time with me on the blog. She is currently the Social Media Manager as well as the Production Assistant, helping with scheduling and engaging on social media, working on the SEO, as well as helping me when I need a hand with photography/video.

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Full of Plants has been featured in many news outlets over the years. From MSN to Elle magazine, Taste of Home, and Today. Here are some websites we had the chance to be featured on:

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Feel free to check out our FAQ here or post on comment if it’s a question about a specific recipe. We do our best to reply to every comment! If you have a more specific question, you can contact me at contact(at)fullofplants.com, I will try to get back to you as soon as possible!