Level 4: What does it mean to Team Luna?

Posted by Malisa Nguyen on


Thanks for stopping by to our little updates!

As Level 4 activated in Auckland mid August 2021, this means our COVID-19 cases started to be active again in the region. This once again called for us all to be resilient, vigilant and strictly follow the guidelines given by the Government. I'm sure everyone is tuning in to the daily public announcement. 

But, what does it really mean for us as a Hospitality Business? Here's a summary of what we have been doing.

6pm, 18 Aug: Announcement made for Level 4, we rushed back to our store at night to pack everything and sanitise our store preparing to shut down.

19-20 Aug: All team members stay at home, safe and sound while Management Team trying to get a clarification whether we could operate under Bakery, and the answer was a YES! 

21 Aug: For precaution, our full team agreed to get COVID test and we all agreed to only coming back to work only if 100% of us receive our Negative results.

26 Aug: 100% of our team test results came back Negative! This means we can be back!

This led us to today, as I am setting up and simplifying our online portal for customers, as well as finalising all the bits and bobs of our operations. 

Under Level 4, we are operating with 1 bubble shift, this means each shift we will only have 1 person or 1 bubble enter the premise. This is the only way we can implement to ensure everyone's safety. Everything from now on has to happen like clock works, no timing errors, all punctual! 

This is scary for us, we don't know what will the orders look like, how long this will go for, etc. 

But, we have all been here before, we can do it.

So, Team Luna will commit to all safety measures to ensure our team and everyone around us are safe, our orders are well packed and get to you at the best quality. 

Stay home, stay safe and stay updated with the news! 

Love, Malisa