Hi, my name is Malisa!

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Hey friend,

Thanks for visiting our Online Store. My name is Malisa, owner/ founder of Luna Cafe and Eatery.

I'm a little Vietnamese girl (by little, I mean it!) that loves food and making food, loves my family and adventures. Possibly all of that pushed me to open Luna Cafe!

I started Luna Cafe and Eatery in June 2019 under a different name: Luna's Express. The Cafe originally only focused on Vietnamese cuisine, my cultural food, but we recently rebranded under the new Cafe and Eatery branding to expand our offerings, adding on the menu some exciting items.

Born and raised in Hanoi's Old Quarter, in a family that rooted in this city for generations, the traditional street food dishes like Pho and Banh Mi were big parts of my childhood; and I was so eager to share it with Aucklander. This surely was the original factor pushing me to stay with an authentic menu, no cutting corners, offering true Vietnamese flavours options.

The Cafe is named after my mom, Luna, as she has been my biggest influence and supporter; and I'm sure this will not catch you by surprise, the Cafe's All Day menu is based on mommy Luna's Recipes!

I was so fortunate to grow up in a family that can cook, my Great Grandfather was a European Chef in Hanoi and he sure did teach his offspring well, or at least his talents passed down. Everyone in the family sure knows their food, especially mother Luna, I swear she can whip up the best meal in minutes!

Luna Cafe and Eatery is a combination of the olds and the news, my mom's recipes and my love for baking. Hanoi is such an interesting cuisine destination as it has these exciting breaths from French cooking. So besides eating all the Vietnamese goodness, I was indulging from the little croissants to some cheeky pralines after school. Wouldn't you say that is the best of both worlds? It is like the middle ground of Eastern and Western Cuisines.

That is the very reason why I have grown Luna Cafe and Eatery to what it is today, a unique cafe where you can find that good cup of Joe, a great bowl of Pho, an exceptional Banh Mi as well as some exciting baking!

So that is me, Malisa! And thank you for reading this far!
This website is created as an additional channel where I can share more about myself, the cafe and more behind the scene updates! Stay tuned and I will be writing more regularly.

Malisa x